Pick up & drop off from the dogs’ home (with most clients we are key holders which means that they’re not required to be there to meet us)

Early bird walks on- and off-lead take place in Hampstead Heath, Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park. (Approx 2 hours excluding travel time)

Lunchtime walks on- and off-lead take place in Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park and Richmond. (Approx 1.5 hours excluding travel time)

Local Fulham walks on- and off-lead take place in Bishop’s Park and Hurlingham Park. (Approx 1 hour excluding travel time)

Our full day care dogs are brought back to our home in between walks so that they can eat (if their owners instruct us to feed them), drink, rest and relax, or play if they still have the energy!

We never use crates or kennels – on the contrary we believe that keeping the dogs together but free to roam within the confines of our open plan family home encourages harmony and relaxation within the pack. We have plenty of comfy dog beds and a fully secured garden, so whether they choose to snooze or play, we provide all the necessaries. The dogs are never left unattended and our maximum policy of six dogs per pack means that the human/dog ratio is always safe and manageable.


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