Our daily walks with our experienced and mutt mad team are designed to take dogs out of the urban setting and into a natural environment that stimulates and bolsters their innate instincts. This provides the opportunity for them to expend their energy with the sense of freedom and fun that we believe all animals should experience as part of their day to day life, albeit under the supervision of disciplined pack leaders: us.

The Urban Mutts pack is a welcoming and inclusive one. The dogs accommodate, respect and enjoy each other irrespective of size, age or breed, and we nurture this behaviour in ‘the wild’ so that they can continue to be good, sociable dogs when they return to their not-so-natural environments.

In order to maintain the harmonious order that we have created with our regular dogs, we will only accept newcomers once we have had the chance to take them out for a trial day and observe their interactions in a variety of settings. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we turn down ‘difficult’ dogs, only that if they display attitudes that could be disruptive to the order of the pack, then we will try to create a bespoke package the combines individual training with day care until they are ready to join the rest of the family.


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